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Definitions from WordNet

Adjective wavelike has 1 sense
  1. crinkled, crinkly, rippled, wavy, wavelike - having wrinkles or waves
    Antonym: even (indirect, via uneven)

Definitions from the Web

Term: Wavelike

Part of Speech: Adjective


1. (Physics) Resembling or having characteristics of a wave.

2. (Figurative) Having a fluctuating or undulating pattern or movement.


1. Popular:

- Sense 1:

- Description: The term "wavelike" in physics refers to something that has similarities or characteristics of a wave, such as its shape, movement, or behavior.

- Example Sentence: The sound of the ocean crashing against the shore created a wavelike motion that was mesmerizing to watch.

- Sense 2:

- Description: When used figuratively, "wavelike" describes a pattern or movement that fluctuates or undulates in a wave-like manner.

- Example Sentence: The curtains had a wavelike pattern, adding a touch of elegance to the room.

2. Local:

- Sense 1:

- Description: Locally, "wavelike" can describe a hairstyle, clothing, or accessories inspired by ocean waves or the surf culture.

- Example Sentence: She wore a wavelike necklace that resembled the waves of the nearby beach, capturing the essence of coastal living.

- Sense 2:

- Description: In a local context, "wavelike" can pertain to a popular local surf spot known for its impressive and mesmerizing waves.

- Example Sentence: The beach town's wavelike breakers attract surfers from all around the region.

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