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varsity sock


Definitions from WordNet

Noun varsity sock has 1 sense
  1. athletic sock, sweat sock, varsity sock - a sock worn for athletic events
    --1 is a kind of sock

Definitions from the Web

Varsity Sock


A varsity sock refers to a long, calf-length sports sock typically worn by members of a school or college varsity athletic team.



  1. A sock worn by varsity athletes as part of their team uniform.
  2. A style of sock, often striped or with contrasting colors, inspired by traditional designs worn by varsity athletes.

Sample Sentences:

1. He proudly put on his varsity sock before the big game.

2. The varsity sock is an essential part of the team's uniform.

3. Sarah loves wearing varsity socks to show her school spirit.

4. The unique design of the varsity sock adds a sporty touch to any outfit.

5. Varsity socks are often sold in school colors at the campus bookstore.

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