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Verb (Definition 1)

To validate, confirm, or authenticate the accuracy or truthfulness of something.

Example Sentence:

Before publishing the news article, the journalist sought to valicate the information by cross-checking with multiple reliable sources.

Verb (Definition 2)

To approve or ratify an action, decision, or plan.

Example Sentence:

The board of directors held a meeting to valicate the proposed budget for the upcoming fiscal year.

Noun (Definition)

A person who validates, confirms, or supports a certain viewpoint or belief.

Example Sentence:

In the heated debate, the politician tried to win over the valicates in the audience by presenting strong evidence to support his stance.

Adjective (Local Usage)

Characterizing something as typical or representative of a particular place or region.

Example Sentence:

The local artist painted scenes featuring valicate landmarks to promote tourism in the area.

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