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Noun ultramontanism has 1 sense
  1. ultramontanism - (Roman Catholic Church) the policy that the absolute authority of the church should be vested in the pope
    --1 is a kind of

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Ultramontanism refers to a Catholic theological and political movement that originated in the 19th century, advocating for the absolute authority of the Pope and promoting the centralization of power within the Roman Catholic Church.

Example sentences:

1. Noun - Theological sense: Ultramontanism emphasizes the Pope's superiority in matters of doctrine and the reliance on his decisions as the final word.

Example: The theologian defended his views on ultramontanism, asserting that the Pope's teachings are infallible.

2. Noun - Political sense: Ultramontanism had a significant impact on European politics during the 19th century, giving rise to conflicts between Church and State.

Example: The political leader criticized ultramontanism for interfering with the government's authority.

3. Adjective - Popular sense: Ultramontanism beliefs continue to influence devout Catholics who strongly adhere to traditional Catholic doctrine.

Example: The ultramontanism movement gained popularity among conservative Catholics seeking a return to traditional values.

4. Adjective - Local sense: The ultramontane region is known for its strong devotion to the Pope and the Catholic Church.

Example: Pilgrims from around the world visit the small village to experience the local ultramontane traditions and customs.

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