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time exposure


Definitions from WordNet

Noun time exposure has 2 senses
  1. time exposure - a photograph produced with a relatively long exposure time
    --1 is a kind of
    photograph, photo, exposure, pic
  2. time exposure - exposure of a film for a relatively long time (more than half a second)
    --2 is a kind of

Definitions from the Web

Time Exposure


Time exposure refers to a photographic technique that involves keeping the camera shutter open for an extended period. This technique is used to capture the effect of motion or to create stunning light trails, resulting in unique and visually appealing images.


Sense 1: Photography

In the context of photography, time exposure refers to a method where the camera's shutter is open for a longer duration than the usual instant shot. This allows for the capture of moving subjects or the manipulation of light to achieve artistic effects.

Example Sentences:
  1. The photographer used time exposure to capture the mesmerizing light trails of passing cars.
  2. By using time exposure, the photographer achieved a stunning image of a waterfall, capturing the silky smooth flow of water.

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