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the verb doesn t match the noun


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The Verb Doesn't Match the Noun


The phrase "the verb doesn't match the noun" refers to the grammatical inconsistency between the subject (noun) and the action (verb) in a sentence. It implies that the verb used does not properly align with the subject, resulting in a lack of concordance.


Sense 1:

The term can be used to describe a semantic discrepancy between the verb and noun, where the action being performed does not logically match the subject of the sentence.

Sense 2:

It can also indicate a grammatical mismatch, such as when the verb form (e.g., tense, number, or person) does not agree with the corresponding noun in the sentence.


1. Semantic discrepancy:
- The book dances on the shelf. (The verb "dances" doesn't match the noun "book" in terms of physical capability.)
- The cat sings a lullaby. (The verb "sings" doesn't match the noun "cat" as cats do not possess the ability to vocalize songs.)

2. Grammatical mismatch:
- She run to the store. (The verb "run" doesn't match the noun "she" in terms of subject-verb agreement. It should be "She runs to the store.")
- The dogs chase the cat. (The verb "chase" matches the plural noun "dogs" but not the singular noun "cat." It should be "The dogs chase the cats.")

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