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Noun terminus has 5 senses
  1. end point, endpoint, termination, terminus - a place where something ends or is complete
    --1 is a kind of end
    Derived form: verb terminate2
  2. destination, terminus - the ultimate goal for which something is done
    --2 is a kind of goal, end
    Derived form: verb terminate3
  3. terminus, terminal figure, term - (architecture) a statue or a human bust or an animal carved out of the top of a square pillar; originally used as a boundary marker in ancient Rome
    --3 is a kind of statue
  4. terminus - either end of a railroad or bus route
    --4 is a kind of
  5. terminal, terminus, depot - station where transport vehicles load or unload passengers or goods
    --5 is a kind of station
    --5 is a part of transportation system, transportation, transit
    --5 has particulars:
     air terminal, airport terminal; bus terminal, bus depot, bus station, coach station; cathode; railway station, railroad station, railroad terminal, train station, train depot; subway station
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