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Definition: Tell-ware refers to software applications or programs specifically designed to enhance communication and facilitate the sharing of information between individuals or groups.


  1. Popular: In popular usage, tell-ware refers to any software tool or application that enables users to easily communicate, exchange information, or collaborate with others.
  2. Local: In local usage, tell-ware might refer to software specifically developed and utilized within a certain community or organization to support internal communication and information sharing.

Examples of usage:

  1. Popular:
    • "The new chat application is a great piece of tell-ware, allowing users to instantly exchange messages and files."
    • "Many social media platforms are considered tell-ware tools, as they enable users to connect and share information easily."
  2. Local:
    • "Our company has developed a customized tell-ware solution to streamline internal communication and improve productivity."
    • "The university has its own tell-ware system that students and faculty members can use to share course materials and collaborate on projects."

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