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take charge


Definitions from WordNet

Verb take charge has 1 sense
  1. take hold, take charge, take control - assume control
    --1 is one way to head, lead
    Sample sentences:
    Something ----s
    Somebody ----s
    Somebody ----s PP

Definitions from the Web

Take Charge


1. (verb) To assume control or authority over a situation or group of people.

2. (idiomatic) To take responsibility for managing or overseeing a task, project, or organization.

3. (idiomatic) To assert one's dominance or leadership.

Example Sentences:

1. After the manager resigned, Sarah decided to take charge and lead the team.

2. It's time for someone to take charge and make the necessary decisions.

3. John knows how to take charge in difficult situations and guide others.

Popular Usage:

In everyday language, "take charge" often refers to someone assuming control or authority over a situation or group of people. It implies the ability to lead and make decisions.

Local Usage:

In some local contexts, "take charge" may also refer to asserting dominance or leadership in personal relationships or small community settings.

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