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sweet gale


Definitions from WordNet

Noun sweet gale has 1 sense
  1. sweet gale, Scotch gale, Myrica gale - bog shrub of north temperate zone having bitter-tasting fragrant leaves
    --1 is a kind of shrub, bush
    --1 is a member of Myrica, genus Myrica

Definitions from the Web

Sweet Gale

Definition: Sweet gale, also known as bog myrtle, is a deciduous shrub native to wetlands and heathlands in the Northern Hemisphere. It is characterized by its aromatic leaves and tiny, cone-like flowers.

Parts of Speech


  1. a shrub or plant with sweet-scented leaves, commonly found in wetlands


  1. having a fragrance similar to sweet gale

Senses and Usages


Sense 1: A shrub or plant with sweet-scented leaves, commonly found in wetlands.

Example sentence: The sweet gale thrives near the edge of the pond, enhancing the aroma of the surrounding area.


Sense 1: Having a fragrance similar to sweet gale.

Example sentence: The air was filled with a sweet gale scent as we walked through the bog.

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