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Definitions from WordNet

Noun supermom has 1 sense
  1. supermom - an informal term for a mother who can combine childcare and full-time employment
    --1 is a kind of
    mother, female parent

Definitions from the Web

Term: supermom

Noun: A mother who successfully balances multiple responsibilities, such as career, family, household tasks, and volunteer work.

Sample Sentence: It is inspiring to see how Sarah effortlessly manages her high-profile career and takes care of her children and home - truly a supermom!

Noun: A fictional character or stereotype portrayed as an ideal or perfect mother, often possessing extraordinary abilities.

Sample Sentence: Wonder Woman is considered a supermom in the comic book world as she juggles her superhero duties with her role as a caring mother.

Adjective: Describing a mother who possesses exceptional abilities in managing her responsibilities and taking care of her family.

Sample Sentence: Jenny's supermom skills were evident as she effortlessly organized her children's schedules and prepared a delicious dinner all within a single afternoon.

Adjective: Describing something or someone related to the concept of an exceptional mother who successfully handles various responsibilities.

Sample Sentence: The conference aimed to empower women and highlight the challenges faced by supermom figures in today's society.

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