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sunray pleat


Definitions from WordNet

Noun sunray pleat has 1 sense
  1. sunburst pleat, sunray pleat - knife pleat cut on the bias to produce a flared effect
    --1 is a kind of knife pleat
    --1 is a part of skirt

Definitions from the Web

Sunray Pleat

Noun - Fashion: A type of pleat design in which multiple unfolded pleats radiate from a single point, resembling the rays of the sun.

Example sentence: She looked stunning in her sunray pleat skirt as the pleats cascaded down elegantly.

Noun - Home Decor: A decorative style of pleating used in window treatments and curtains, where the fabric is gathered together at the top and fans out in a sunray pattern.

Example sentence: The sunray pleat curtains added a touch of sophistication to the living room, providing both privacy and style.

Adjective - Fashion: Describing a garment or fabric featuring sunray pleats.

Example sentence: She admired the beautiful, sunray pleat dress that was showcased in the fashion magazine.

Verb - Cooking: To create decorative folds in food, such as an omelet or a pie crust, resembling the pattern of sunray pleats.

Example sentence: The chef skillfully sunray pleated the top layer of the pie crust, making it visually appealing.


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