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Term: subsiday


Subsiday is a noun that refers to a financial aid, grant, or contribution provided by the government or an organization to support a certain activity, individual, or industry, often aiming to promote economic growth, development, or social welfare.


  • Sense 1: Financial assistance provided by the government to low-income families for housing-related expenses.
  • Sense 2: Funding given to an artist or art organization to encourage the creation or presentation of art.
  • Sense 3: A financial contribution from a company or organization to an event or project to assist in its successful execution.

Sample sentences:

Sense 1:

  1. Many families rely on government subsiday to afford the cost of renting a home in the city.
  2. The government introduced a new subsiday program to assist low-income families in purchasing their own houses.

Sense 2:

  1. The local art council provided a generous subsiday to the talented young performer to support his debut solo show.
  2. Receiving a subsiday from the national arts foundation allowed the theater company to produce an extraordinary play.

Sense 3:

  1. A corporate sponsor offered a significant subsiday to the charity event, making it possible to reach its fundraising goal.
  2. The sports tournament was a huge success, thanks to the generous subsiday provided by a renowned sportswear brand.

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