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spun sugar


Definitions from WordNet

Noun spun sugar has 1 sense
  1. cotton candy, spun sugar, candyfloss - a candy made by spinning sugar that has been boiled to a high temperature
    --1 is a kind of candy

Definitions from the Web

Spun Sugar


Spun sugar refers to a delicate and airy sugar confection created by heating sugar and then rapidly spinning it into thin strands, which form a web-like structure.

Senses and Usages


1. A type of decorative sugar used in pastry and dessert preparations.

Example sentence: The pastry chef skillfully crafted spun sugar to adorn the top of the cake.

2. A popular street food consisting of sugary strands, often served in a cone, at carnivals and fairs.

Example sentence: The children eagerly devoured the colorful spun sugar at the fair.

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