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Definitions from WordNet

Noun sot has 1 sense
  1. drunkard, drunk, rummy, sot, inebriate - a chronic drinker
    --1 is a kind of drinker, imbiber, toper, juicer
    --1 has particulars:
     alcoholic, alky, dipsomaniac, boozer, lush, soaker, souse

Definitions from the Web


Part of speech: Noun

Sense 1: A person who is habitually or frequently drunk.

Example sentence: The local bar is often filled with sots who spend their evenings drinking.

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Part of speech: Noun

Sense 2: A block of wood or metal used as a support or guide for a tool or workpiece.

Example sentence: The carpenter used a sot to keep the piece of wood steady while he carved it.

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Part of speech: Verb

Sense 1: To saturate or soak thoroughly, typically with a liquid.

Example sentence: The rainstorm sotted their clothes, leaving them drenched and shivering.

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