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solemn adjective


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Part of Speech: Adjective

Definition: Marked by a serious or earnest expression, tone, or manner; grave in manner, mood, or character.


  1. Deeply serious or earnest
  2. Characterized by dignity or sobriety
  3. Formal and dignified


Sense 1:

  • The ceremony was conducted in a solemn atmosphere.
  • She delivered a solemn speech at the memorial service.
  • The judge's solemn face warned the defendant of the gravity of the situation.

Sense 2:

  • The funeral service was a solemn affair.
  • The event called for a solemn reminder of the sacrifices made.
  • His solemn vow to always support his loved ones was deeply appreciated.

Sense 3:

  • The wedding ceremony required everyone to be in solemn attire.
  • During the formal reception, the guests maintained a solemn demeanor.
  • In the courtroom, a solemn oath is taken before providing testimony.

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