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snake god


Definitions from WordNet

Noun snake god has 1 sense
  1. zombi, zombie, snake god - a god of voodoo cults of African origin worshipped especially in West Indies
    --1 is a kind of deity, divinity, god, immortal

Definitions from the Web

Snake God


A snake god refers to a deity or powerful entity associated with snakes in various mythologies and religious beliefs. Often depicted with serpentine features, these gods hold significant cultural and symbolic importance.


As a Noun

1. The ancient Romans worshipped a snake god known as Angitia.

2. In Hindu mythology, Shesha is considered the eternal snake god.

3. Many indigenous tribes in South America believe in the power of a snake god to grant fertility and protection.

As an Adjective

1. The snake god temple was beautifully adorned with intricate serpent sculptures.

2. The protagonist embarked on a journey to seek the blessings of the mighty snake god.

3. The priestess performed a mesmerizing ritual to honor the snake god.

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