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Definitions from WordNet

Adverbial signally has 2 senses
  1. signally - as a signal; "a term that is used signally rather than symbolically"
  2. signally, unmistakably, remarkably - in a signal manner; "signally inappropriate methods"
    Derived from adjective signal1

Definitions from the Web

Term: signally

Part of Speech: Adjective, Adverb

Sense 1 (Adjective): Remarkable or outstanding in a noticeable way.

Example sentence 1 (Adjective): The team's signally victory in the championship game brought them great praise.

Example sentence 2 (Adjective): The author's signally brilliant novel has captivated readers worldwide.

Sense 2 (Adverb): In a conspicuous or prominent manner.

Example sentence 1 (Adverb): The fireworks display was signally impressive, lighting up the night sky.

Example sentence 2 (Adverb): She delivered her speech signally, captivating the audience's attention throughout.

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