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Definitions from WordNet

Adjective severable has 1 sense
  1. dissociable, separable, severable - capable of being divided or dissociated; "often drugs and crime are not dissociable"; "the siamese twins were not considered seperable"; "a song...never conceived of as severable from the melody";
    Antonym: indivisible (indirect, via divisible)

Definitions from the Web


Severable (adjective) - capable of being separated or detached.

Severable (noun) - something that can be separated or detached.


  1. Capable of being severed or separated.
  2. Pertaining to a legal contract or agreement that can be divided into independent parts.


  • Adjective:
  • A chicken wing is a severable part of a whole chicken.
  • The house is built with severable sections, allowing for customization.

  • Noun:
  • The severables in this modeling kit can be assembled in various ways.
  • When canceling the service, make sure to return all the severables provided with it.

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