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set piece


Definitions from WordNet

Noun set piece has 1 sense
  1. set piece - a piece of scenery intended to stand alone as part of the stage setting
    --1 is a kind of
    scenery, scene

Definitions from the Web

Set Piece

A set piece can refer to a fully prepared scripted performance in a play, film, or television production.

It can also refer to a tactic used in sports, particularly in soccer, where a specific play is meticulously planned and rehearsed beforehand.

In the context of war and military operations, a set piece is a predetermined operation or battle designed to achieve a specific objective.

Additionally, in the world of interior design, a set piece is a visually striking or significant element that functions as a focal point in a space.

  • The climactic scene of the play involved an elaborate set piece with intricate props and stage effects.
  • The team executed a brilliant set piece, catching the opposition off guard and scoring a goal.
  • The military commanders meticulously planned a set piece to seize control of an important strategic location.
  • The luxurious chandelier in the center of the room served as a stunning set piece, enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal of the interior.
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