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seagull bartender


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Seagull Bartender


  • Noun: A comical phrase used to describe a person who constantly hovers around others at social gatherings, offering them drinks and being overly helpful.
  • Noun: A mythical creature in coastal folklore depicted as a seagull with the ability to mix and serve various beverages to other seagulls.



  1. The party was in full swing, and Bob was playing the role of a seagull bartender, making sure everyone had a drink in their hand.
  2. At the beach picnic, Sarah enjoyed the attention of a seagull bartender who kept bringing her cocktails as she relaxed in her sun lounger.


  1. According to the coastal legend, the seagull bartender would appear on stormy nights to serve drinks to weary seagulls seeking shelter.
  2. The children listened intently as their grandfather told them tales of the wise seagull bartender who had the power to mix potions for their winged friends.

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