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Term: same-sex

Part of Speech: Adjective

Sense: Relating to or involving individuals of the same biological sex.


  1. Same-sex marriage is now legal in many countries.
  2. They were in a same-sex relationship for over a decade.
  3. The couple attended a same-sex adoption seminar.

Part of Speech: Noun

Sense 1: A person or people of the same biological sex.


  1. The school is committed to providing a safe environment for same-sex students.
  2. The support group aims to create a sense of community among same-sex.
  3. They were the first same-sex couple to be featured on the cover of a magazine.

Sense 2: Sexual activity or attraction between individuals of the same biological sex.


  1. Same-sex relationships have been widely accepted in modern society.
  2. The documentary explores the challenges faced by individuals coming out in conservative same-sex communities.
  3. She realized her same-sex attraction during her teenage years.

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