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Definitions from WordNet

Adjective sacerdotal has 2 senses
  1. sacerdotal - of or relating to a belief in sacerdotalism; "sacerdotal emphasis on the authority of priests"
  2. priestly, hieratic, hieratical, sacerdotal - associated with the priesthood or priests; "priestly (or sacerdotal) vestments"; "hieratic gestures"

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Sacerdotal (adjective): relating to priests or the priesthood

Sacerdotal (noun): a member of the Christian priesthood


Sense 1: Relating to priests or the priesthood in general

Sense 2: Characterized by or involving religious ceremonies performed by priests

Sense 3: Pertaining to or inherent in the office of a priest

Popular Usage:

  • Her attire reflected her sacerdotal role as a Catholic nun.
  • The ceremony was filled with sacerdotal rituals and chants.
  • He studied theology to pursue a sacerdotal career.

Local Usage:

  • In their local traditions, sacerdotal leaders play a key role in conducting sacred rites.
  • The indigenous community believed in the mystical powers of their sacerdotal figures.
  • Every harvest season, the village gathers for a sacerdotal celebration to bless the crops.

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