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Definitions from WordNet

Noun redoubt has 1 sense
  1. redoubt, sconce - a forbidding stronghold
    --1 is a kind of stronghold, fastness

Definitions from the Web


A redoubt is a fortification or defensive structure, typically built with earthworks and trenches.

Senses and Usages:

  1. Noun: A redoubt can refer to a small, enclosed defensive work within a larger fortification system.
  2. Example Sentence: During the battle, the soldiers sought refuge in the redoubt, defending themselves against enemy attacks.

  3. Noun: In a figurative sense, a redoubt can refer to a stronghold or a place of resolute defense.
  4. Example Sentence: The artist considered the studio to be her redoubt, a sanctuary where she could freely express herself.

  5. Verb: The term redoubt can be used as a verb meaning to fortify or strengthen.
  6. Example Sentence: The team redoubted their position by reinforcing the barricades to withstand the approaching onslaught.

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