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Definitions from WordNet

Noun quintillionth has 1 sense
  1. one-quintillionth, quintillionth - one part in a quintillion
    --1 is a kind of common fraction, simple fraction

Definitions from the Web

Term: quintillionth

Part of speech: Noun

Sense: The ordinal number corresponding to quintillion in the numbering system; the position or rank of one quintillionth.

Sample sentence:

The chance of winning the lottery is incredibly low, about one in a quintillionth.

Part of speech: Adjective

Sense: Relating to or denoting one quintillionth of a whole.

Sample sentence:

The chemical compound is diluted to a quintillionth concentration before being used.

Part of speech: Adverb

Sense: In a manner corresponding to one quintillionth.

Sample sentence:

The chance of getting struck by lightning twice in a row is quintillionthly small.

Part of speech: Other

Sense: (Mathematics) One quintillionth (10^(-18)).

Sample sentence:

The scientist calculated the quintillionth power of the number to solve the equation.

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