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Noun quartet has 5 senses
  1. four, 4, IV, tetrad, quatern, quaternion, quaternary, quaternity, quartet, quadruplet, foursome, Little Joe - the cardinal number that is the sum of three and one
    --1 is a kind of digit, figure
  2. quartet, quartette - four performers or singers who perform together
    --2 is a kind of musical organization, musical organisation, musical group
    --2 has particulars: barbershop quartet; string quartet, string quartette
  3. quartet, quartette, quadruplet - a set of four similar things considered as a unit
    --3 is a kind of set
  4. quartet, quartette, foursome - four people considered as a unit; "he joined a barbershop quartet"; "the foursome teed off before 9 a.m."
    --4 is a kind of gathering, assemblage
    --4 has particulars: quadrumvirate
  5. quartet, quartette - a musical composition for four performers
    --5 is a kind of musical composition, opus, composition, piece, piece of music
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