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Definitions from WordNet

Noun propitiousness has 1 sense
  1. auspiciousness, propitiousness - the favorable quality of strongly indicating a successful result
    --1 is a kind of favorableness, favourableness, advantageousness
    Antonyms: inauspiciousness, unpropitiousness

Definitions from the Web


Description: Propitiousness refers to the state or quality of being propitious, indicating favorable conditions, auspiciousness, or being advantageous for a certain outcome or event.

Part of Speech:

  • Noun: The propitiousness of a situation can greatly influence its outcome.


  1. Positive Outcome: In this sense, propitiousness represents the likelihood or favorability of a successful or desired result.
  2. Example sentence: The propitiousness of the weather ensured a successful outdoor wedding ceremony.

  3. Auspiciousness: This sense relates to the favorable or promising nature of a particular event or circumstance.
  4. Example sentence: The alignment of the planets suggested the propitiousness of this celestial event.

  5. Advantageous Circumstances: Propitiousness can also refer to circumstances or conditions that are advantageous or conducive to a positive outcome.
  6. Example sentence: She arrived at the job interview with the propitiousness of having prior experience in the industry.

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