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policyholder s


Definitions from WordNet

Noun policyholder has 1 sense
  1. policyholder - an insured person; the client in whose name an insurance policy is written
    --1 is a kind of customer, client

Definitions from the Web

Term: Policyholder

Definition: A policyholder refers to an individual or entity that owns an insurance policy, having the rights and benefits outlined in the contract.


1. Noun:

Sense: Insurance Policy Holder

Description: In the context of insurance, a policyholder denotes an individual, group, or organization that has purchased an insurance policy from an insurer.


"John, as a policyholder, was glad to have comprehensive coverage for his car that protected him in case of accidents or theft."

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2. Noun:

Sense: Holder of Official or Organizational Policies

Description: The term policyholder can also refer to an individual responsible for overseeing and implementing official or organizational policies within a company, institution, or government body.


"As the policyholder, Sarah ensures that all employees adhere to the workplace dress code, reinforcing the organization's professional image."

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3. Noun:

Sense: Owner of a Specific Document

Description: Policyholder can also denote an individual who possesses and holds ownership or custodial responsibility over an important document, such as a will, contract, or deed.


"As the policyholder of the land deed, David had the authority to sell or transfer the property to another person."

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4. Noun:

Sense: Local Term

Description: In certain local jargon or regional dialects, "policyholder" may have a colloquial meaning specific to a particular community or group.


"Being a policyholder in this small town signifies that you are respected and trusted by the local community."

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