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pneumatic caisson


Definitions from WordNet

Noun pneumatic caisson has 1 sense
  1. caisson, pneumatic caisson, cofferdam - large watertight chamber used for construction under water
    --1 is a kind of chamber

Definitions from the Web

Pneumatic Caisson


A pneumatic caisson is a large, airtight chamber used in underwater construction projects. It is commonly employed to create a stable work environment under water, allowing workers access to perform various tasks.

Senses and Usages:

  1. Noun: The term "pneumatic caisson" is used to refer to the structure itself, typically consisting of a cylindrical chamber, often made of reinforced concrete or steel.
    • Example Sentence: The engineers successfully lowered the pneumatic caisson onto the seabed.
  2. Noun: In geotechnical engineering, a pneumatic caisson is also a technique used to create deep foundation structures by sinking pre-formed caissons into the ground, then pumping compressed air into them.
    • Example Sentence: The construction crew implemented pneumatic caissons to reach the stable bedrock for the skyscraper's foundation.
  3. Adjective: The adjective form, "pneumatic caisson," describes anything related to or characteristic of a pneumatic caisson.
    • Example Sentence: The workers diligently followed the pneumatic caisson guidelines to ensure the safety of the construction process.

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