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Pitrushka is a term that refers to a traditional Russian doll made of wood. It typically consists of a set of hollow wooden figures of decreasing sizes, each fitting inside the larger one. The dolls can be opened to reveal a smaller doll inside, and this process can be repeated several times. Pitrushkas are often hand-painted with intricate designs and are a popular collectible item and souvenir from Russia.

Sample Sentences:

Noun (General Sense):

  1. My grandmother gave me a beautiful pitrushka set as a gift from her trip to Russia.
  2. The pitrushka I bought from the local market has exquisite craftsmanship.

Noun (Collectible Item Sense):

  1. She started her pitrushka collection with a small doll, and now she has over 20 different sizes.
  2. I found a rare vintage pitrushka at an antique fair.

Noun (Souvenir Sense):

  1. During my visit to Moscow, I bought a pitrushka to remember the trip.
  2. They sell a variety of pitrushkas at the gift shop near the Kremlin.

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