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Adjective pentatonic has 1 sense
  1. pentatonic - relating to a pentatonic scale

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Pentatonic is a musical term referring to a scale or melody consisting of five notes within an octave.

Parts of Speech:

Adjective, Noun


Sense 1: (Adjective) Relating to or using the pentatonic scale.

Sense 2: (Noun) A musical composition or piece written in the pentatonic scale.


Usage 1: The song had a beautiful pentatonic melody that captivated the audience.

Usage 2: The band incorporated pentatonic chords into their arrangement, giving it a unique sound.

Usage 3: I enjoy playing pentatonic scales on the piano as they are simple yet expressive.

Usage 4: This traditional folk tune is based on a pentatonic scale and is commonly played during festivals.

Sample Sentences:

Sentence 1: The guitarist effortlessly played a breathtaking pentatonic solo.

Sentence 2: The choir sang harmoniously in a pentatonic key, creating a soothing atmosphere.

Sentence 3: Learning the pentatonic scale is essential for any aspiring jazz musician.

Sentence 4: The composer incorporated a haunting pentatonic melody in the film's soundtrack.

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