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Noun peninsula has 1 sense
  1. peninsula - a large mass of land projecting into a body of water
    --1 is a kind of
    land, dry land, earth, ground, solid ground, terra firma
    --1 has particulars:
     Asia Minor, Anatolia; Balkan Peninsula, Balkans; Indochina, Indochinese peninsula; Yucatan, Yucatan Peninsula; Scandinavia, Scandinavian Peninsula; Jutland, Jylland; Peloponnese, Peloponnesus, Peloponnesian Peninsula; Italian Peninsula; Nova Scotia; Arabian Peninsula, Arabia; Sinai, Sinai Peninsula; Korea, Korean Peninsula, Choson; Malay Peninsula; Iberian Peninsula, Iberia; Qatar, Qatar Peninsula, Katar, Katar Peninsula; Somali peninsula, Horn of Africa; Kola Peninsula; Crimea; Kamchatka Peninsula; Taimyr Peninsula, Taymyr Peninsula; Alaska Peninsula; Seward Peninsula; Cape Ann; Cape Cod; Alaska Peninsula; Antarctic Peninsula, Palmer Peninsula; Cape York Peninsula; Eyre Peninsula; Labrador-Ungava Peninsula, Labrador Peninsula; Lower California, Baja California; Lower Peninsula; Upper Peninsula
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