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peanut bar


Definitions from WordNet

Noun peanut bar has 1 sense
  1. peanut bar - bar of peanuts in taffy
    --1 is a kind of

Definitions from the Web

Peanut Bar


A peanut bar is a sweet confection made primarily from peanuts, sugar, and sometimes additives like chocolate or caramel. It is typically formed into a rectangular shape and enjoyed as a snack or dessert.



1. A candy bar or snack bar made primarily from peanuts and sugar.

2. A type of bar or restaurant that specializes in serving dishes or desserts with peanuts as a main ingredient.

Sample Sentences:

1. I love indulging in a peanut bar for a quick energy boost during my afternoon break.

2. The peanut bar I had at the movie theater was coated in delicious chocolate.

3. We decided to try out the new peanut bar in town for some unique peanut-flavored dishes.

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