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Term: Observations

Observations is the plural form of the noun observation. It refers to the act or process of closely or systematically watching or monitoring something or someone.

Sample sentences:

  • Scientists rely on careful observations to gather data for their experiments.
  • Her detailed observations of the behavior of birds helped her write an accurate field guide.
Senses and Usages of Observations:

1. Scientific Observations:

In scientific contexts, observations are systematic measurements or collected data made to obtain information or verify hypotheses.

Sample sentence:

  • By recording their observations of the night sky, astronomers discovered a new star.

2. Personal Observations:

In everyday usage, personal observations refer to a subjective account or remark based on personal perception or experience.

Sample sentence:

  • From her personal observations, she concluded that the children were tired.

3. Inference from Observations:

Observations can also be used to make inferences or conclusions based on what has been observed.

Sample sentence:

  • Due to his astute observations, he inferred that the suspect was lying.
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