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Noun obscurantism has 2 senses
  1. obscurantism - a policy of opposition to enlightenment or the spread of knowledge
    --1 is a kind of
  2. obscurantism - a deliberate act intended to make something obscure
    --2 is a kind of
    deception, deceit, dissembling, dissimulation

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Obscurantism refers to the practice and belief in deliberately obscuring or withholding knowledge, information, or understanding, often to maintain power or conceal the truth.


1. Philosophical Sense:

In philosophy, obscurantism characterizes the opposition to the spread of knowledge and critical thinking, often favoring traditional beliefs or obscure language to hinder understanding.

Example sentence: The philosopher accused his colleague of engaging in obscurantism by using complex jargon instead of presenting clear arguments.

2. Sociopolitical Sense:

In a sociopolitical context, obscurantism can refer to the deliberate suppression of information or dissemination of misleading ideas to control or manipulate public opinion.

Example sentence: The government's obscurantism during the crisis caused widespread misinformation and confusion among the citizens.


Popular Usage:

Obscurantism is often used to criticize individuals, institutions, or policies that deliberately keep information or knowledge hidden or unclear to maintain dominance or authority.

Example sentence: The author's book exposes the obscurantism of the pharmaceutical industry, revealing their hidden agendas and unethical practices.

Local Usage:

The term obscurantism may have varying levels of usage in local communities, depending on awareness and understanding of the concept.

Example sentence: The small town's local government faced accusations of obscurantism when vital public records were allegedly concealed from the public.

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