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norse deity

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Noun norse deity has 1 sense
  1. Norse deity - a deity worshipped by the ancient Norsemen
    --1 is a kind of
    deity, divinity, god, immortal
    --1 has particulars:
     Aesir; Vanir; Balder, Baldr; Bragi, Brage; Elli; Forseti; Frey, Freyr; Freya, Freyja; Frigg, Frigga; Heimdall, Heimdal, Heimdallr; Hel, Hela; Hoenir; Hoth, Hothr, Hoder, Hodr; Idun, Ithunn; Loki; Nanna; Njord, Njorth; Norn; Odin; Sif; Sigyn; Thor; Tyr, Tyrr; Ull, Ullr; Vali; Vitharr, Vithar, Vidar
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