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noncallable bond


Definitions from WordNet

Noun noncallable bond has 1 sense
  1. noncallable bond - a bond containing a provision that the holder cannot redeem the security before a specific date (usually at maturity)
    --1 is a kind of
    bond, bond certificate

Definitions from the Web

Noncallable Bond


A noncallable bond, also known as non-redeemable bond, is a type of bond that cannot be called back or redeemed by the issuer before its maturity date. This means that once an investor purchases a noncallable bond, they can hold onto it until it reaches its full term without worrying about early redemption.

Sample sentences:

1. The noncallable bond I invested in provided a stable income stream over the course of ten years.
2. As a risk-averse investor, I prefer noncallable bonds as they offer a guaranteed return on investment.
3. The company's decision to issue noncallable bonds was seen as a positive measure to attract long-term investors.

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