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Definitions from WordNet

Adjective nonabsorbent has 1 sense
  1. nonabsorbent, nonabsorptive - not capable of absorbing or soaking up (liquids)
    Antonyms: absorbent, absorptive, absorbefacient, sorbefacient, assimilating, assimilative, assimilatory, spongy, spongelike, thirsty, hygroscopic

Definitions from the Web

Term: nonabsorbent

Definition: Nonabsorbent refers to something that does not absorb or soak up liquid or any other substance.

Parts of Speech:

- Adjective: "The nonabsorbent surface of the countertop prevented any spills from staining it."

- Noun: "The material used in the construction of the kayak was chosen for its nonabsorbent properties."

Senses and Usages:

- Sense 1: In the context of materials

- Adjective: "The nonabsorbent fabric of the raincoat kept me dry during the entire downpour."

- Noun: "The nonabsorbent of the insulation prevented any moisture from seeping into the walls."

- Sense 2: In the context of surfaces

- Adjective: "The bathroom tiles had a nonabsorbent coating, making them easy to clean and maintain."

- Noun: "The nonabsorbent of the table prevented any spills from leaving stains."

- Sense 3: In the context of substances

- Adjective: "The nonabsorbent nature of the plastic bottle ensured that no odors would linger."

- Noun: "Due to its nature as a nonabsorbent, the substance was used in oil spill cleanup."

Sample Sentences:

- "The nonabsorbent medical-grade material of the bandage prevented any liquid from seeping into the wound."

- "Mary chose to use a nonabsorbent sponge to clean up the spill, as it would not take in any of the liquid."

- "The nonabsorbent nature of the flooring material made it an ideal choice for the kitchen, where frequent spills occur."

- "The scientist conducted an experiment to determine the nonabsorbent properties of various textiles."

- "The nonabsorbent quality of the glass made it suitable for storing liquids without altering their taste."

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