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nevus flammeus


Definitions from WordNet

Noun nevus flammeus has 1 sense
  1. port-wine stain, nevus flammeus - a flat birthmark varying from pink to purple
    --1 is a kind of birthmark, nevus

Definitions from the Web

Nevus Flammeus

Definition: Nevus flammeus, commonly known as a "port wine stain," is a type of birthmark characterized by a flat, pink or reddish discoloration of the skin caused by enlarged blood vessels.

Parts of Speech:

  • Noun: A nevus flammeus is a type of birthmark.


  1. Medical Sense: In the medical field, a nevus flammeus refers to a congenital vascular malformation marked by an abnormal growth of blood vessels in the skin.
  2. General Sense: In general usage, nevus flammeus is synonymous with a "port wine stain," a reddish birthmark that appears on the skin at birth.

Sample Sentences:

Medical Sense:

  1. The doctor correctly diagnosed the baby's nevus flammeus, ensuring appropriate treatment.
  2. Sophia underwent laser therapy to reduce the appearance of her nevus flammeus.

General Sense:

  1. Her nevus flammeus covered a significant portion of her face, but she never let it affect her confidence.
  2. He decided to embrace his unique nevus flammeus and became a role model for others with similar birthmarks.

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