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nevil shute


Definitions from WordNet

Noun nevil shute has 1 sense
  1. Shute, Nevil Shute, Nevil Shute Norway - English writer who settled in Norway after World War II (1899-1960)
    --1 is a kind of writer, author

Definitions from the Web

Nevil Shute


Nevil Shute, also known as Nevil Shute Norway, was an English author and aeronautical engineer. He is predominantly known for his novels that combine his technical expertise with storytelling, creating engaging narratives set in various historical contexts.

Sample Sentences:

  1. Have you read any novels by Nevil Shute? His writing style is truly captivating.
  2. Nevil Shute's novel "On the Beach" explores the aftermath of a nuclear war.
  3. The protagonist in Nevil Shute's "A Town Like Alice" embarks on a remarkable journey of resilience and hope.
  4. As an aeronautical engineer, Nevil Shute had a profound understanding of aviation, influencing his writing.

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