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move through


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Move Through

Part of Speech: Verb phrase

Sense: To progress or travel from one point to another


  1. She moved through the crowd at the concert to get closer to the stage.
  2. The hiker moved through the dense forest, following the trail markers.
  3. The airplane moved through the clouds, preparing for landing.

Sense: To experience a process or passage of time


  1. As we move through life, we encounter various challenges and opportunities.
  2. She moved through different stages of her career, starting as an intern and eventually becoming the CEO.

Sense: To navigate or proceed through a computer program or application


  1. He quickly moved through the levels of the video game.
  2. I need to move through the steps of the installation wizard to complete the software setup.

Sense: To go through a place or area without stopping


  1. The train moved through the tunnel at high speed.
  2. We moved through the city's main street, admiring the architecture.

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