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move away


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Term: "Move Away"


The term "move away" has multiple meanings and can be used as different parts of speech, including a verb, noun, or adverb. It generally refers to the act of relocating oneself or something/someone else to a different place or distance.

Verb - Definition:

As a verb, "move away" means to change one's location in order to create distance between the current position and a different place.

Example: She decided to move away from the city and live in the countryside.

Noun - Definition:

As a noun, "move away" represents the act or instance of relocation or departure to a different place.

Example: His move away from his hometown was motivated by the desire to explore new opportunities.

Adverb - Definition:

As an adverb, "move away" describes the act of shifting oneself or something/someone to a greater distance.

Example: The car sped up and quickly moved away from the pursuing police cars.

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