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movable barrier


Definitions from WordNet

Noun movable barrier has 1 sense
  1. movable barrier - a barrier that can be moved to allow passage
    --1 is a kind of
    --1 has particulars: chicane; door; gate; hatch

Definitions from the Web

Movable Barrier

Definition: A structure or device that can be easily moved or adjusted to control or block access to a certain area.


1. Noun - Physical Structure: The city installed a movable barrier at the entrance of the park to regulate the flow of vehicles.

2. Noun - Military: The soldiers quickly erected movable barriers to secure the area and prevent the enemy from advancing.

3. Noun - Engineering: The construction crew used movable barriers to temporarily redirect traffic during road maintenance.

4. Adjective: The office cubicles were designed with movable barriers, allowing employees to customize their workspace.

5. Adjective - Figurative Sense: The language barrier can be seen as a movable barrier that can hinder effective communication between people from different cultures.

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