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Adjective motivating has 1 sense
  1. motivative, motive, motivating - impelling to action; "it may well be that ethical language has primarily a motivative function"- Arthur Pap; "motive pleas"; "motivating arguments"
    Antonyms: noncausative, noncausal (indirect, via causative)
Noun motivating has 1 sense
  1. motivation, motivating - the act of motivating; providing incentive
    --1 is a kind of act, human action, human activity
Verb motivate has 1 sense
  1. motivate, actuate, propel, move, prompt, incite - give an incentive for action; "This moved me to sacrifice my career"
    --1 is one way to cause, do, make
    Derived forms: noun motivation2, noun motivation3, noun motivation1, noun motive1, noun motivator1
    Sample sentence:
    They motivate him to write the letter
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