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Noun militarist has 1 sense
  1. militarist, warmonger - a person who advocates war or warlike policies
    --1 is a kind of adult, grownup
    --1 has particulars: hawk, war hawk

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A militarist is a person who strongly supports or advocates for military interests, policies, and actions.


1. noun

A person who believes in or promotes militarism.

Example: It is often debated whether the country's leader is a militarist or not.

2. adjective

Relating to or characterized by militarism.

Example: The militarist policies implemented by the government led to increased military spending.


Popular Usage:

In popular usage, a militarist is often perceived as someone who prioritizes military strength and aggression over diplomacy or other peaceful solutions.

Example Sentence: The protestors criticized the government for its militarist approach, advocating for peaceful negotiations instead.

Local Usage:

In a local context, a militarist can refer to a person who actively supports the local military and promotes military-related activities within the community.

Example Sentence: The local militarist organized a charity event to raise funds for veterans in the area.

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