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memorial tablet


Definitions from WordNet

Noun memorial tablet has 1 sense
  1. brass, memorial tablet, plaque - a memorial made of brass
    --1 is a kind of memorial, monument

Definitions from the Web

Memorial Tablet


A memorial tablet is a commemorative plaque or plate, typically made of metal or stone, that is used to honor or remember a person, an event, or a place.


1. Physical Object

In its physical sense, a memorial tablet refers to a flat or slightly raised object that is often mounted on a wall, pillar, or stand as a memorial or tribute.

Example sentence: The memorial tablet engraved with the names of fallen soldiers stood proudly in the park.

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2. Electronic Device

In a technological context, a memorial tablet can refer to a device, such as a touchscreen computer or a digital picture frame, used to display virtual memorials or tribute pages.

Example sentence: The interactive memorial tablet in the museum allowed visitors to learn about the historical significance of the artwork.

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1. Popular Usage

In general use, a memorial tablet often denotes a physical plaque used to honor deceased individuals or commemorate significant historical events or locations.

Example sentence: The town hall put up a memorial tablet to remember the founder of the city.

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2. Local Usage

In certain regions or cultural contexts, a memorial tablet may have specific customs or designs associated with honoring ancestors or local heroes.

Example sentence: The indigenous tribe displayed handcrafted memorial tablets to pay homage to their tribal leaders.

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