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medical assistant


Definitions from WordNet

Noun medical assistant has 1 sense
  1. medical assistant - a person trained to assist medical professionals
    --1 is a kind of
    health professional, health care provider, caregiver

Definitions from the Web

Medical Assistant

A medical assistant is a healthcare professional who supports the administrative and clinical tasks within a medical setting.

Sense 1:

Noun - A person who assists healthcare professionals in providing basic patient care and administrative support.

Sample sentence 1: The medical assistant took the patient's vital signs and prepared them for their examination.

Sample sentence 2: As a medical assistant, her responsibilities include scheduling appointments and managing patient records.

Sense 2:

Adjective - Pertaining to or related to the profession of medical assisting.

Sample sentence 1: She enrolled in a medical assistant program to obtain her certification.

Sample sentence 2: The medical assistant training course provided her with the necessary skills to work in a healthcare facility.

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