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Part of speech: adjective, adverb

Sense 1: Resembling or characteristic of a march; relating to marching.

Sample sentence 1: The soldiers moved in a marchy formation, their synchronized steps echoing through the valley.

Sample sentence 2: The drumbeat in the music created a marchy rhythm that made everyone want to start marching.

Sense 2: Showing enthusiasm or determination in a forceful and often annoying way.

Sample sentence 1: Her marchy attitude made it difficult for others to work with her as she always insisted on doing things her way.

Sample sentence 2: The manager's marchy behavior was not appreciated by the team, causing workplace tension.

Sense 3: (Local Usage) A term used in certain dialects to describe someone who walks with a distinctive, bouncy gait.

Sample sentence 1: Watch him walk, he's got a marchy stride that sets him apart.

Sample sentence 2: Grandpa, with his marchy walk, always brought laughter and joy to family gatherings.

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