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malnutrition synonyms


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Term: Malnutrition Synonyms


  1. Undernourishment: The state of being inadequately nourished, resulting from a lack of essential nutrients in the diet.
  2. Starvation: Severe malnutrition characterized by an extreme lack of food intake.
  3. Deficiency: A lack or shortage of necessary nutrients in the body.


  1. Malnourished: Suffering from malnutrition; poorly nourished due to a lack of essential nutrients in the diet.

Sample Sentences:

  1. The country's high poverty rate has led to widespread malnutrition among children.
  2. Years of war have caused a state of undernourishment in the population.
  3. Many refugee camps are filled with malnourished individuals seeking shelter and food.
  4. The severe famine resulted in widespread starvation and loss of lives.
  5. Deficiency in vital vitamins and minerals can lead to various health problems.

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