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lord of misrule


Definitions from WordNet

Noun lord of misrule has 1 sense
  1. Lord of Misrule - a person appointed master of revels at a Christmas celebration
    --1 is a kind of
    master of ceremonies, emcee, host

Definitions from the Web

Lord of Misrule


A person appointed to oversee and organize activities of merrymaking or amusement during festive occasions, particularly Christmas.

Example sentence: During the Christmas party, John acted as the lord of misrule and led everyone in the lively games and pranks.


A satirical drama or play performed during medieval and Tudor times, often on Twelfth Night.

Example sentence: The lord of misrule play at the local theater was filled with comedic sketches and witty dialogue.


A mischievous or disorderly individual who disrupts order or conventions.

Example sentence: The new intern became the lord of misrule in the office when he pulled pranks on his co-workers.

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